The New Bee Champions!

Hello, beekeepers! Welcome to the new Bee Champions! We have made some changes to the way we do things here in order to better serve you. Here are some ways that we have made changes:

1. New Marketing Strategy

Previously, we served you as part of a direct marketing strategy. We have decided to change to a retail approach with wholesale bulk discounts. This is so that we can bring our prices down and better serve you!

Click here for our current prices and bulk discounts.

2. Training

We have added a forum to the website so that you can ask questions and get responses from our community. We love any questions and queries from beginners and would greatly appreciate contributions from experienced beekeepers.

You can reach our forums here.

We have also make some changes on our video playlists. We will be highlighting our products, as well as having guest beekeepers contribute to training.

You can view our YouTube channel or check out our Training section here.

3. News Source

As before, we will continue to be a news/information source for beekeeping. We will be doing extensive researching from many different sources and will be posting our findings here on the blog. Watch this space for news.

4. Promotions and Contests

Because of our new pricing format, we have begun to host contests and special promotions. Currently, we have several going on. This will be updated as beekeeping season progresses. You can view them here.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog posts. Keep watching here for updates.

Thank you for joining the bee revolution!