Large Companies Helping the Bees

As we know, the bee population has taken a huge hit over the last couple of years. As mentioned in a previous blog post, not many large corporations have taken notice. That is, until, Honey Nut Cheerios, one of the biggest cereal providers in the country, decided to start a campaign in Canada to plant wildflowers in time for spring. They will be using the hashtag BringBackTheBees as a way to gain awareness of their plight.

We at Bee Champions encourage you to utilize this campaign and use the hashtag between now and July. Let’s do our part in helping to save the bees!

Visit their website here to learn more!


  1. Apparently, General Mills does use GMO’s in some of their food. Click here to read their official policy.
    However, it appears that they are against using neonicotinoids, as evidenced in their official statement here and another article here.
    This article was not to advocate the use of GMO’s, but rather to detail that fact that larger companies are now paying attention to the dying bee population and are doing something about it.

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