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At Bee Champions, our number one objective is to create sustainable bee colonies and populations. Our research on supplying bees in packages, nucs and queens has led us to conclude that we should not distribute bees at this stage. We are doing some additional research in this area and this may change in the future.

We feel that it is critical that you obtain the bees from a local supplier. Bees shipped in the mail or by other means are far more at risk than those that are obtained from a local supplier and collected in person by you. We intent to distribute bee products nationwide and, as a result, at this stage are not offering bees as a product item for purchase from Bee Champions.

We believe that local bee suppliers will be able to provide you with bees that are most likely to survive the local environmental conditions.

We are in process of finding the best bee suppliers in each state and, hopefully, city that can assist us with supplying these bees to you.

Every effort will be made to determine that these bees are being produced in a healthy, sustainable fashion.

For now we have established one credible bees distributor for the Utah Area and have found that people are traveling long distances to collect bees from this supplier because of their approach to sustainable bee health. Their contact information is available here.

We will be adding bee suppliers to this list over time and you, the consumer, will be our best source of information. Please help us develop this resource by sending us information to

Additional information that may help when purchasing bees:

Bee Packages – Package are sold 2lb, 3lb and sometimes 5lb quantities, thus the term “package”. We recommend that you only buy packages if you are re-establishing a colony where there is already some existing drawn comb. These can be purchased with or without a queen. You will need to feed packages on arrival until they are established depending on local weather conditions.

Nucs – (Nucleus) – This is a package of bees that has been established on 3 to 5 frames of drawn comb to differing levels. Often these are purchased with a queen and are the best fit for establishing a new colony.

Queens – There are many different queens available and we recommend that you do some research when you purchase a queen. These can be purchased separately from nucs or packages and then gradually introduced.

We will provide video training on all bees and purchasing and introductions in our training section on our website. We encourage you to view this information.

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