Welcome to Bee Champions! Our name says it all.

We are champions for the cause of bees and all that they provide our world. While we strive to do our part to secure the populations of bees, you too can be a part of this great effort, a rewarding hobby, and a diverse community. Our goal is to create a program of beekeeping to all who want to participate. If you have never maintained a beehive or if you are a next generation beekeeper, this is the place to participate.

  • We are providing all levels of participation in our beekeeping community by offering education, support, and equipment to become a bee keeper yourself!
  • We are forging ahead to help ordinary people in a variety of ways take up beekeeping. This can happen whether you live in a high-rise building, in a suburban neighborhood, or out in the country. By doing so, it’s not hard to realize that you can gain a strong sense of “doing something that matters”, while at the same time, creating a potential source of income as well.
  • By becoming a beekeeper as a hobbyist or growing aspirations to something greater, you would be contributing to a very important cause and at the very least, the opportunity to share your very own raw natural honey.
Founder's Message

I find the most important things in life involve other people. For me that is certainly my wife, Karen, who said “Yes!” almost 30 years ago.  Also, there are my 2 married daughters and their families. Other important things in life are most certainly friends, neighbors, communities, sometimes careers and hobbies. I have had the good fortune of having all of these come into one single opportunity called Bee Champions.

When our Bee Champions team, which was made up of friends and family members, came together in our manufacturing business as far back as 13 years ago, we found ourselves traveling the world to develop and manufacture products for our customers. It was in that realm that we discovered a need that had been of interest to some of us already. By producing products within the beekeeping industry and becoming intimately involved with a diminishing bee population in the United States and around the world, we knew we had to do something. We knew that now was the time for us to more clearly understand and to develop that interest within others – and ourselves – by coming to the understanding that we are a part of something greater.  It wasn’t difficult to envision that future in Bee Champions.

Bee Champions exists as an opportunity to take our message of living with, and allowing, honeybees to exist as they always have in acknowledgement of their extreme importance to the world. We knew we would be doing everything we could to provide the tools, training, and expertise to our neighbors, our community, and yes, to the world in order to see benefits for both the honeybees and us – human beings. Sometimes we as humans can get in the way of the honeybee populations. A great beekeeper I know says often, “The bees really don’t need us, but we sure need them.” That fourth generation beekeeper works tirelessly with honeybees and is the inspiration for all of this.

We believe that what we are doing is not only purposeful but also beneficial for those who choose to participate with us. There is opportunity in all things.  Taking the opportunity to create the spaces and environments by natural means to enhance a sustainable bee population is a matter of survival for all of us. At the same time, we endeavor to create a business opportunity so that we can offer support to the world of natural beekeeping, bee research, education, and training.

We endeavor to reach many who can’t support or manage a hive colony with our “Just Bee Cause” Hive Sponsorship Program. Through this program, those who participate by investing in a hive can watch it grow in an online environment, as expert beekeepers manage those hives. One of the benefits for you is your participation to save the bees through your contribution to support a hive. This contribution goes to research and training of future beekeepers. The best part of all –  you will receive honey from each honey harvest season!

If your interest goes further than that, you can become a Distributor with Bee Champions and find yourself not only involved in a worthwhile cause and hobby, but making a real difference for yourself by earning income from the products and training you sell that Bee Champions provides.

This is only a part of an exciting adventure we can have together by partnering with Bee Champions. We look forward to knowing people like you who are interested and have a need to be a part of real-world-matters that literally mean a better future for yourself, your families, your community, and most importantly – the honeybees.

Steven D. Daniels

Bee Champions Founder



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